mera takeru (January 18, 1990-) is a Japanese crypto artist and crypto art collector. He was born and lives in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. He is constantly pursuing his one and only expression that combines eccentric ideas and the unique beauty of Japanese culture.

mera takeru (メラ タケル、1990年〈平成2年〉1月18日-)は、日本のクリプトアーティスト兼クリプトアートコレクター。静岡県出身、在住。特定のスタイルに捉われない奇抜なアイデアと日本文化特有の美しさなどを融合させた唯一無二の表現を日々追求している。 

Started his career as the first Japanese Crypto Artist at "Editional" in April 2019.
Officially listed artists on major platforms such as SuperRare, KnownOrigin, and MakersPlace. He is selling over a total of 250 art pieces by the end of 2020.
In 2021, fueled by the global NFT trend, he collaborated with various domestic and international companies and artists to create more works. He has spoken at multiple online seminars and talk sessions to promote cryptoart/NFT art. In addition, launched an NFT project, "36 BLOCKS OF FUJI," to promote Japanese culture and artists to the world.
From 2022, he has expanded his activities beyond the boundaries of the real and virtual worlds by participating in group exhibitions in his hometown of Shizuoka, Tokyo, Hong Kong, etc.

-Selected artist of "Creative Challenge NFT NYC 2020" organized by KnownOrigin
-Commemoration NFT production for the first publication of "Web 3.0 Magazine" by Fracton Ventures, Inc.
-Artist judge for selecting the 1st and 2nd SBI NFT Market (Nanakusa) official artists and a guest instructor at SBI NFT Market (Nanakusa).
-Exhibition at the 1st and 2nd Crypto Art Week Asia
-Guest on Blockchain EXE TV #9
-Guest on NFT dive Digital Art Online talk session
-Exclusive interview (4 pages) in Bijutsu Techo, December 2021 issue
-Exhibition at Meranonakanoshiromaru @Shizuoka Kinza Botanica
-Exhibition at Made in Japan 3.0: Defining a New Phy-gital Reality @ Hon Kong K11ArtMallG01
-Guest at NFT CROSSING #2
-Exhibition at Crypto Arts M3 Exhibition @ Tokyo Aura Sha
-Exclusive interview (9 pages) in The Paradigm Shift Since Internet: NFT1.0→2.0

2019年4月 「Editional」にて日本人で初めて「クリプトアーティスト」として活動を開始。

2021年、世界的なNFTの流行を追い風に、国内外の様々な企業やアーティストとのコラボレーション作品を発表。複数のオンラインセミナーやトークセッションに登壇し、クリプトアート(NFTアート)の魅力を発信する傍ら、日本の文化やアーティストを世界に広めるためのNFTプロジェクト「36 BLOCKS OF FUJI」を立ち上げた。


・KnownOrigin主催「Creative Challenge NFT NYC 2020」入選。

・Fracton Ventures(株)「Web3.0Magazine」創刊記念NFT制作。

・SBI NFT Market(nanakusa)第1期、第2期公認アーティスト審査員および特別講師就任。


・「Blockchain EXE TV #9」ゲスト出演。

・「NFT diveデジタルアートの現場と未来 Online talk session」ゲスト出演。

・「美術手帖 2021年12月号」単独インタビュー(4ページ)掲載。

・「メラノナカノシロマル@静岡 金座ボタニカ」出展。

・「Made in Japan 3.0:Defining a New Phy-gital Reality@香港 K11ArtMallG01」出展。

・「NFT CROSSING #2」ゲスト出演。

・「Crypto Arts M3 Exhibition@東京 アウラ舎」出展。

・「インターネット以来のパラダイムシフト NFT1.0→2.0」単独インタビュー(9ページ)掲載。